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Updated: Sep 3, 2023

It's easy to lose sight of what we are doing at bird: changing the narrative on and in, Africa. Through all the stories we do, over time, we're building a body of work that creates a new record of who and what we are, as Africans.

But what does that mean for the story I want to write, now?

Well, it means that first off, my story needs to resonate with and connect with, other Africans wherever they may be. Second, it needs in some way to inspire positivity and pride. It doesn't have to be a positive story, per se. It doesn't have to offer the perfect solution to a challenge. But it does need to help us build a new narrative, with the (please don't use this expression in your headlines, its already a cliché) "one story at a time" approach. What are your thoughts on this. What do you, as a contributing writer at bird, believe we should be doing? How should we be writing? We're keen to hear your thoughts so please leave comments here (with your name, or without if you'd rather not use that) and we can build an interesting conversation, or even debate over how we do this. There is no perfect answer so let's do this together. You don't need to be signed up as a bird author, either... we'd still like to hear your thoughts. Just respond right here.


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