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bird TenX: 10 African women leaders and their social impact

Updated: Apr 11

bird TenX: 10 African female leaders and their social impact. [Graphic by Vikki Keingati, bird story agency]

Through the power of narrative, ten women are weaving new chapters in Africa’s history. Their dedication to community service, commitment to education and leadership across diverse sectors are crafting transformative tales of resilience.

Mike Klink, bird story agency

South African small business advisor Mike Klink provides his "top ten" African Women Change Makers in a new series on bird Ten X.

Klink is a social entrepreneur and community skills activist who currently serves in a non-salaried position as the chairperson of Friends of Central Library, in Cape Town. His career background includes international hotel management and the South African oil industry. Klink has also worked with the City of Cape Town and Western Cape Government on Employment Readiness and Startup Business Programs.

1. Sydell Poyoe Goll, Liberia - Focus on women's and girls' rights

Poyoe Goll is a passionate educator, community development expert and a driven advocate for women's and girls’ rights. With over 10 ten years of experience developing, planning, and directing community-based developmental and learning initiatives.

Sydell Poyoe Goll expresses her views on education in the link below.

2. Beatrice Muthoni Ngugi of Kenya - Focus on renewable energy

Ngugi is an accomplished business development expert and engineer with over 15 years directing multi-million-dollar fossil fuel transition, grid-based renewables, and distributed renewable energy (DRE) projects across sub-Saharan Africa.

Ngugi’s engineering vision was best evident when she applied for her MBA.

3. Emma Dicks of South Africa - Focus on tech and education

Dicks is a director at CodeSpace, an education institution that specialises in teaching coding & software development. CodeSpace has received global acclaim for initiatives that foster diversity in the tech world.

Dicks shares her story on YouTube, here:

4. Alice King, South Africa - Focus on academic education and women leadership

King is a strong community and social services professional with a Doctorate in Philosophy focusing on Education Management from the University of South Africa.

She shared her vision in a PowerTalk interview on YouTube, here:

5. Monde Angelyn Kawana, Zambia - Focus on community development through film and media

Kawana is a film producer with a diverse demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Focusing on video production, documentary film-making, video editing, music videos and short films, Kawana is also a DJ.

See her interview on Facebook via this link:

6. Rose Funja, Tanzania - Focus on sustainable agriculture and tech

Funja is passionate about drones and big data and its application in solving everyday problems specifically related to applications in agriculture. She was dean at the College of Science at the University of Bagamoyo, lecturing on ICT.

See her interview on YouTube via this link:

7. Cherise Dunn, South Africa - Focus on medical tech

Dunn is co-founder of SOUTH AFRICA MAKES – an internationally recognised and award-winning medical device manufacturing company using additive manufacturing to address healthcare challenges faced within Africa.

See her interview on YouTube via this link:

8. Tamburai Chirume, Zimbabwe - Focus on African business development

Chirume is co-founder of the mother-daughter design collaboration, ONEOFEACH, which focuses on African-inspired handbags, fashion accessories, apparel and home décor. She empowers women in design through development training as well.

Learn more about her through an interview on YouTube via this link:

9. Melene Rossouw, South Africa - Focus on human and women's rights

Roussouw is an attorney and social entrepreneur. human rights activist and founder of Women Lead Movement (NPO). She currently serves in the South African government.

This link reflects her achievements:

10. Helena Mdume, Namibia - Focus on medical aid

Helena Ndume is a Namibian ophthalmologist internationally renowned for her humanitarian work. To date, she has performed 35,000 sight-restoring surgeries on Namibians, completely free of charge.

See the link below reflecting her journey.

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